As a comprehensive food production company with a specific focus on production and sales of marine products, our corporate philosophy is to continue on a path that supports a wholesome lifestyle through healthy eating habits and that grows together with society as an organization abiding by the principals of human dignity. We aim to provide safe, reliable and appetizing food products, and dedicate all the energy of the KYOKUYO Group to gaining the trust and satisfaction of our business partners, and consumers. We will achieve this by strengthening our entire supply chain, from procurement of raw products to processing and sales, and by meeting the needs of our consumers.

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Business Summary

Kyokuyo America has a well-established reputation for high-quality products due to our procurement capabilities and processing technologies accumulated over many years.

Based on following three business pillars, Kyokuyo America delivers the bounty of the sea to dining tables through products for home use aimed at retailers and industrial use such as in menu at Japanese-style restaurants.

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As seafood dishes become globalized and reaching all corners of the globe, international competition for the procurement of marine products is becoming intense. Through mutual collaboration domestically and overseas between our headquarters, branch offices, representatives, and affiliates, and by utilizing our global network that has been built up over the years based on relationships of trust between marine product companies, we acquire only the highest quality marine products from oceans around the globe.


Our purse-seine fleets in the central and western Pacific Ocean are mainly catching skipjack tuna. As international restrictions in the fishing industry becomes ever stricter, KYOKUYO aims to contribute to the economic development of the island countries that rely on fishing through the effective use and stable maintenance of fishing resources in such a way that also maintains biological diversity.


In addition to preserving the world’s limited marine resources, the KYOKUYO Group started Bluefin tuna farming along with other marine products such as Red snapper and Amberjack in order to achieve a stable supply of marine products.

Our Bluefin tuna farming business was established and developed with great care and attention. Southwest Shikoku was selected as the ideal location due to the area being in rich natural environment. Our Bluefin Tuna is highly prized by our customers.

In November 2012, we established a joint venture company KYOKUYO FEED ONE MARINE CO., LTD. to engage in all operations related to farming and selling of Bluefin tuna, raising fish from egg to adult. In 2017 we successfully shipped our first Full-Cycle Farm Raised Bluefin Tuna to NY and we are now continuously shipping throughout the U.S.