Black Cod

Sablefish also known as Black Cod, is rich in flavor and often compared to Chilean Sea Bass. It is abundant in heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, and has been enjoyed by the Asian population for many years.

We produce a variety of fillets, such as: Miso-zuke, Kasu-zuke and Soy Sauce (teriyaki).



Halibut is considered one of the worlds premium whitefish caught off the coast of Alaska and the deep frigid waters of Russia, halibut is highly popular. Both consumers and chefs prefer halibut due to the mild and sweet flavor. These wonderfully versatile characteristics enable chefs to continue to create new and exciting recipes for the consumer.

Fresh halibut is also available throughout the season.


Sole, one of the most versatile fish, is known for its mild flavor and soft texture. It is mainly produced in a fillet form which offers many different options for the consumer. It is currently enjoyed in many different ways such as; breading for fish & chips, baked with a Southwestern theme spicy cream sauce or stuffed with spinach and crabmeat.

The options are limitless to this versatile and economical fillet.

Snow Crab

Snow Crab, also known as Opilio, has a sweet delicate flavor which is highly appreciated by anyone and everyone who enjoys eating crab. We take it a step further by extracting the meat from the best part, the leg, and freezing it in 300 gram vacuum packed bags.

No mess to deal with, nothing to throw away or clean up 100% pure Snow Crab meat to enjoy.


Salmon, there are several different species starting with the King (Chinook), Sockeye (Red), Coho (Silver), Chum (Keta) and Pink (Humpback). Not only does each of these salmon have their own distinctive flavors but from region to region they will also be slightly different. The catch method also brings out the different textures and flavors as well.

Whatever your salmon needs may be you will find one of these species to your liking.


Sushi Toppings

In the early 19th century, sushi as we know it today was introduced in Tokyo when transportable food stalls started to spring up and it was known as “fast food”. It later spread throughout Japan and each local region started using local fresh ingredients.

In modern times, sushi has once again evolved into many different forms and it continues to evolve with our diverse cultures. The popularity continues to grow worldwide and in some locations you cannot always get the freshest seafood quality at all times so we have taken it a step further with our state of the art production facility in Thailand, at K&U Enterprises Co., Ltd.

We help procure the freshest ingredients at the peak of the season and produce our frozen sushi and frozen sushi topping never losing sight of what is important, using the freshest, high quality ingredients. We have many different sushi toppings to choose from, such as, but not limited to:

Boiled Butterfly Shrimp, Sliced Trout (Farm raised Steelhead), Amaebi, Snow Crab Meat (reprocessed in China), Squid and other unique toppings. Other sushi related products include Tuna (Bonito) Tataki (reprocessed in Japan), squid strips and marinated mackerel.



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